Geodesia is an enginee­­­­ring and con­­­struction com­­­pany whose core mission is to deliver the finest Very High-Speed Telecom Networks
1,360 M€
2021 Revenue
5 000

Over the last 20 years, our operations have spanned across France, Portugal, Israel, the Caribbean, and the United States, with a perpetual goal of bettering our expertise and know-how in the end-to-end build-up of Telecom Networks.

Geodesia’s solutions comprise the full range of Telecom Networks’ activities for both fixed and mobile technologies (engineering, civil engineering, installation and commissioning, maintenance, etc.) whilst also proposing a bespoke line of dedicated products (ODN passive networks, GPON active solutions, small cells, OSS, etc.).

Geodesia is committed to enhance people’s quality of life—paying attention to security and the environment—thereby striving for a better tomorrow.

Our History

Pioneers in Fiber Net­­­work’s Engi­neering and Construction

Since the early 1980s, Geodesia’s founders have pioneered Cable and Fiber Networks. They have continuously nurtured this passion by being personally involved in every project and leading it to its success. Early on, our founders have established and developed recognized and thriving companies, notably Sogetrel in 1985. These success stories have enabled Geodesia to export its operations globally through subsidiaries now located in France, Portugal, Israel, the Caribbean, the United States, and recently Germany.

Geodesia’s expertise and experience in the build-up of end-to-end chains of Very High-Speed Networks has been demonstrated by its achievements in France and Portugal, Europe’s leading countries in FTTH.

Geodesia map
Cumulated Numbers
16.5 M
Fiber homes passed
2 900
5G Sites Constructed
300 000 km
of Dark fiber cables
15 K
Mobile sites maintained
2020 Covid-19 Lockdown
+1.7 M
Fiber homes passed
5G sites delivered

Today, thanks to our striving attitude for improvement, and our discipline towards excellence, Geodesia’s solutions offer the full end-to-end activities associated with Telecom Networks (engineering, civil engineering, installation and commis­sioning, maintenance, etc.), as well as a bespoke range of products supporting network construction and engineering (ODN Passive networks, GPON active solutions, small cells, OSS, etc.).

Geodesia began operating in France with two subsidiaries
The company initiated its Israeli adventure with TAT
Geodesia strengthened its footprint in France with Rhôn’ Telecom
Geodesia launched its subsidiaries in Portugal and the Caribbean and further expanded its operations in France and its overseas regions
The company began its American journey
The company diversified its activites in France
Geodesia Deutschland
Flag of Germany
The company has exported its know-how to Germany
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